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New Year, New........?


Firstly, Happy New Year to one and all, I hope you all managed to have a nice Christmas and New Year celebrations as much as you all could given the challenging circumstances of 2020.

This article is all about New Year, New………? What? Well, I’m finishing it off with ‘INJURY’, and here is why.

Here is what I see every year because people are too tight (not skint) to invest in themselves when they are injury free.

  • You’ve been at home sat with poor posture.
  • You’ve been less active than usual.
  • You’ve quite possibly put on a few lbs over the festive period
  • It’s New Year and you want to get fitter and lose weight.
  • You’re going to be impatient, go out there and give it your all to lose the weight as quickly as possible.
  • You’re going to batter your body!

So, all the above will lead to you breaking down with injury and you’ll end up not being able to exercise and lose weight and then you’ll probably end up putting more weight on through inactivity. All the sitting and poor posture you’ve made worse over Christmas and the New Year will shorten and tighten muscles which will lead to the joint range being much less. The extra lbs you’ve put on will put greater stress on the joints, especially those who will go out pounding the pavements. So, what’s the consequences of the muscles becoming shorter and tighter and joint range being less? Well, in time it will be injury.

Here’s what you should be doing every year – you should be keeping your muscles flexible as this will help maintain optimum joint range of movement, I’d advise this is something you always do every day, to help improve posture from the positions you put yourself in every day but to also help reduce the risk of injuring yourself, and not only this, but having flexibility will make you feel better and improving your posture through daily stretching can give you a more confident feel and appearance.

With regards injury, if you have tightness in back muscles, this can affect the functioning of the pelvis/sacroiliac joint which could affect the hips and if the hips are affected it could follow down the kinetic chain to the knees and even the ankles. If your hips are tight from sitting (psoas), this can have a negative effect on the glutes (bum) muscles and make them inactive and unable to do their job, which is very important for the runners. Would you believe me if I told you, inactive glutes can affect the back and even the shoulder(s)!? What about the gym goers with poor posture (kyphosis) rounding of the upper back? Do you really expect your shoulder joints to function effectively when pressing overhead? Those shoulders will go ‘BANG’ one day and the same to those who PRESS, PRESS, PRESS on a bench wanting a bigger chest and neglecting the back musculature and the poor posture they have.

So, I do Sports Massage and I’m writing all of this. Of course, Sports Massage can help, Sports Massage helps keep muscles flexible which can then assist with better joint range. A good massage therapist can also identify which muscles are shorter and tighter and give advice on stretches to do in order to maintain flexibility and help with any postural dysfunctions. Sports Massage is a preventative measure – you have it to avoid injury, it helps you exercise better, it helps you feel better. Sports Massage is not something where you should think, ‘one treatment’, it’s something that’s advisable to have on a regular basis.

Conclusion – Invest in yourself now, not later when the damage has been done.

This is my first article since April 2018! I must do better this year.

Chris Kay


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