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Lactic Acid Crystals Posted 18 April 2017

When a muscle gets tight and stays tight, the muscle becomes dense or thick. This increased denseness does not let the blood flow in and flow out as much as when the muscle is relaxed. This means that the muscle doesn’t get its waste products flushed out as well when the muscle is tight compared to when the muscle is relaxed.

What Are Muscle Knots? Posted 18 April 2017

Know that sharp ache you get after an intense workout that is usually in your neck, shoulders, or upper back? It can be difficult just to move your shoulders without feeling pain, let alone continue with your workout. Even worse, this pain can linger on for weeks, or even months.

Can Tight Hips Affect Your Mood? Posted 18 April 2017

The body has an ability to hold emotional tension in various areas, however the hips receive special attention as an area associated with emotional burden. Often referred to as the ‘junk drawer’ or ‘attic’ of the body, our hips are considered a site of storage for emotions which we do not wish to confront and so tuck away into the deepest confines of our being. Physiologically, how can emotional burden be stored in the hips?

How To Prevent Running Injuries Posted 18 April 2017

As a past lover of pavement pounding myself, I know that this strenuous activity can lead to much more than a hefty caloric burn. Similar to other forms of exercise, you must be careful about how often you perform these workouts. When done too much, overtraining and injuries can occur leaving you couch bound and in pain.

Benefits Of Massage For Runners Posted 18 April 2017

Q. I am new to running and I am trying to establish a good training routine to keep me injury free. I am not very flexible and have had some injuries in the past when I have tried to run. One of my runner friends suggested I try getting regular massage. What do you think? Might massage help me?

Bring Your Posture Out Of Pronation Posted 18 April 2017

Defining extension and pronation in posture terms; Think of a 100metre sprint athlete at the race blocks all tucked up (pronated into the foetal position) and then he/she sets off and as they set off they go through a sequence of extension until the are totally upright.

Stiff Neck? Blame Levator Scapula Posted 18 April 2017

When you wake up in the morning with a crick in your neck, or feel a burning on the top of your shoulder blade, or have trouble turning your head to look behind you when you’re driving, the culprit may be your Levator Scapula!

The Importance of Hydration Posted 18 April 2017

Are you aware of the Importance of Staying Hydrated? Getting an adequate amount of water is vital both mentally and physically.

Huddersfield Sports Massage

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