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Lactic Acid Crystals


When a muscle gets tight and stays tight, the muscle becomes dense or thick. This increased denseness does not let the blood flow in and flow out as much as when the muscle is relaxed. This means that the muscle doesn’t get its waste products flushed out as well when the muscle is tight compared to when the muscle is relaxed.

Lactic acid is the major waste product of muscles. With the increased density of the muscle and the blood flow going out being slowed down, this allows the lactic acid to accumulate in the muscle. The longer the muscle has been tight, the more lactic acid that accumulates in the muscle. No amount of drinking liquids can flush out the majority of this trapped/accumulated lactic acid caused by muscles staying tight 24/7. Of course drinking liquids can help some, but it will not get rid of this type of lactic acid accumulation.

When lactic accumulates in the muscle, it forms into crystal shapes. Crystals have sharp edges. The longer the muscle has been tight, the more and the bigger lactic acid crystals there are in a muscle.

When you receive a massage, the big, sharp lactic acid crystals are being rubbed against the pain-sensitive muscle fibres. The breaking down and flushing out of the trapped waste products (primarily lactic acid that has formed into crystals) is one of the two main benefits of massage.

Question: How do muscles work and how do crystals affect them?

Answer: Muscles were designed to contract and relax. When there are too many crystals in the muscles, the muscles stay tight.

Question: What are crystals in the muscles?

Answer: Crystals are formed when you overwork the muscles and /or when you are eating too much protein.

Question What makes crystals in the muscles?

**Answer:* There two kind of crystals; Lactic acid and Uric acid. If the muscle is used a lot, it builds Lactic acid crystals. When you eat too much protein, the body stores it as Uric acid crystallised in muscles.

Question: How do crystals in the muscles feel?

Answer: Crystals feel like a grain of sand and they are found in your Capillaries.

Question: How can I get rid of crystals in the muscles?

Answer: You should have them massaged out which can cause some discomfort for some.

Question: What happens to the crystals after they get removed?

Answer: They get flushed into your blood stream.

Question: What can I do to help the process?

Answer: Drink lots of water to help flush the crystals out of your body after your massage.

Question What would happen if I didn’t get a Sports massage and leave the crystals in my body?

Answer: They might accumulate, moving into deeper tissues of your muscles, causing more pain and tension.

Question: What happens when I have a lot of crystals?

Answer: Your muscles can’t relax, they stay tight and impede your performance in exercise and general day to day activities.

Question: What would happen to my tight muscles?

Answer: Your circulation slows down, delivering fewer nutrients to your body.

Question: Can I do anything to prevent the crystals from forming?

Answer: Yes, you can drink more water, stretch before and after your exercise. If you are eating too much protein, eat more fruit and vegetables.

Question: Is there anything else I can do to prevent crystals forming?

Answer: Yes. You can schedule a Sports massage on a regular basis. Your body will thank you.


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