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How To Prevent Running Injuries


As a past lover of pavement pounding myself, I know that this strenuous activity can lead to much more than a hefty caloric burn. Similar to other forms of exercise, you must be careful about how often you perform these workouts. When done too much, overtraining and injuries can occur leaving you couch bound and in pain.

So let’s avoid that, shall  we?

In order to prevent these common injuries we must take precautions and prep our bodies for the movement patterns we are about to perform. For example, if you were about to swim in a lap pool you’d want to warm up your arms and add in upper body mobility.

For us, logging the miles must start before we even get into our stride. From stretches to strengthening exercises and proper hydration, there are many ways to ready ourselves.

And if by chance you still end up with an unfortunate injury, all is not lost. Remember that rest is essential to recovery. While you may want to jump back into the sport as soon as the pain dissipates, it’s important to be completely healed before exercising again.

After all, the sport of running is such a portable and versatile form of exercise. Take precautions, prep your body and allow for adequate rest. Your body will thank you.

Top 10 Ways To Avoid Running Injuries

1. Warm up properly! Firstly do some mobilisations of the knees and especially the ankle; pointing your toes to the floor and up towards the body (plantar and dorsi flexion) and do some ankle rotations (left and right). Set off walking, then power walk before breaking into a very gentle job prior to stretching.
2. Stretch before and after running; Hamstrings, calf’s, quads, hip flexors, adductors.
3. Finish your run with a short walk to decrease your heart rate and prevent blood pooling.
4. Don’t run everyday!
5. Run on level surfaces.
6. Do strengthening and stretching exercises on non running days.
7. Wear the correct footwear for your running style.
8. Get enough quality nutrients from your diet and use quality supplements if required.
9. Keep hydrated; not just on the day of your run or prior, but all the time.
10. Maintain your body with regular massage treatment to prevent injuries and help increase your performance. You would take your car in for an M.O.T or go to the dentist for a regular check up, so why not look after your muscles and joints?


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